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01. bio

Lena's beginnings were typical, born to a loving family with a younger brother who was, by all accounts, a pain who she loved dearly. There was nothing out of the ordinary, nothing tragic about her life; she had been bullied, of course, teased for the not-quite Japanese features she inherited from her father, a mix of Japanese and European himself, but it had been a temporary problem. They didn't stay in Kanagawa long, after all, her father's job soon moving the family to Switzerland, then to the United States, then to Seoul, where Lena would live out her teenage years, growing into her looks and awkwardness while struggling to learn Korean and study hard. Eventually, she succeeded, becoming fluent in the language that remained, at times, difficult to form certain sounds and misunderstanding spoken words, but she never gave up, even challenged herself by pursuing a path in the sciences.

Finding her passion in the universe and everything in it, Lena spent much of her time in high school studying and not much else, her social life put on the back burner with the intention of getting into a good university, wanting not only to succeed in her chosen field but to also make her parents proud, and getting into Yonsei was the start of that. Immediately, she bonded with the girls of DPE and found her place with them, rushing and being accepted into the sorority. After that, her early years had been a flurry of new experiences—she went to her first party, had her first drink, smoked her first joint (something she would continue doing once in a while, but only in the right company), fell in love and had her first heartbreak. Through all of the ups and downs, she was able to rely on her sisters, something that made things easier when her family moved back to Japan in her third year.

Upon graduating with her bachelors, Lena spent a year abroad, visiting various planetariums and studying on her own time, after which she returned to the DPE house to continue with her masters. Though she had missed out on a year of changes in her sorority, Lena felt as at home as ever, finding comfort in the sisters that remained and getting to know the new ones over time. The first few weeks back at classes were rocky, but she managed to get through it and had found herself a steady, comfortable routine, finally feeling up to getting back to the parties and excitement of greek life.

02. personality

Lena is curious, hungry for knowledge and interested in learning a little something from everything, willing to pick the brains of the people around her in related and unrelated majors. Sweet natured and soft hearted, she is easily touched and moved to tears. Though she tries to find the good in everyone, she is not naive enough to believe that there aren't people who intentionally hurt others and does not give second chances out easily as a result. Once bitten, twice shy fits her well. Though she is relatively soft spoken, she gets quite loud around her sisters and those closest to her. After getting scolded by a sunbae for messing up her honorifics in high school, Lena is polite to a fault and will use formal language with others until she is told to stop.

ღ Adores Neil deGrasse Tyson and hopes to meet him one day
ღ Favorite planet is Saturn, favorite nebula is the Orion Nebula, favorite star system is binary stars
ღ Has two distinct beauty marks on either side of her mouth, causing her to resemble a bunny when she smiles or purses her lips
ღ Speaks English, Japanese, and Korean fluently, conversational in German
ღ Owns a few telescopes that she brings out to the countryside every other weekend to chart the sky
ღ Will do all-nighters to stay up for a meteor shower or eclipse and will casually mention when a planet is visible in the night sky and when best to view it
ღ Wears Harry Potter-esque glasses
ღ Likes: chocolate, good wine, pasta, kind and curious people, those willing to listen to her talk excitedly about the universe, dogs, children, sundresses, ballads
ღ Dislikes: spicy food (can't handle it), hard liquor, cigarettes, closed minded people, driving at night, snow, flying insects and spiders

03. ooc

Name: Lena Fujii
Nickname: Rina
Band/Solo: Model
Journal: lovetangled
Aim: #lovetanglings
Twitter: @lovetangling
Age: 24
Year: 1st year masters
Sorority: DPE
Major: Astrophysics
Clubs/Sports: NA, works in library>

☑︎ DPE sisters/KAO brothers
☐ Friends from other houses
☐ Ex-boyfriend with whom she'd been in love with. I'm up for feelings to linger, for an awkward friendship, or even rekindled romance if the muses click in that way.
☐ Other masters students! They would have known each other for a while and she would love to befriend anyone who's been around campus for as long as she has
☐ Organic plots: people who don't like her, people she doesn't like, romantic plots, study buddies, people she can learn from about things outside of her major, or anything you can think of!

04. relationships

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